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For Little Guests

Hotel "Marco Polo St. Petersburg" welcomes a family vacation and presents the special conditions for accommodation and leisure time of the little guests.

Your child will be happy!

Special tariff for accommodation

Only for little guests we offer the special accommodation conditions, apart from that You don’t have to worry aboutcomfortable and sweet sleep of Your child because we provide convenient beds for children free of charge.

  • Accommodation for children up to 6 years old is free of charge if a child stays in the room with parents.

If you wish to book a separate room for your child – we are happy to offer a discount of 50% from the room rate.

Child’s Menu in "Marco Polo" Restaurant

Restaurant "Marco Polo" is pleased to help the caring and loving parents to turn an average lunch of Your child into a real celebration, for that we suggest Your child to choose himself the dishes from the special Child’s Menu .

On the colorful pages with favorite cartoon heroes every child will find a dish to his taste. Child’s menu includes the most tasty and useful dishes: Salad "Vitamin", Vegetable cream soup, " Mashed potatoes from parrot Kesha" and many others.

Considering the children’s boundless love of sweets the menu contains a choice of pancakes with various fillings, and for the smallest gourmands the restaurant "Marco Polo" is glad to offer the baby chairs.

Children’s parties

We invite You to arrange a Children’s party in "Marco Polo" restaurant, indeed a Birthday – is a main event in children’s life, they are waiting for it with impatience, counting the days and dreaming of merry and bright celebration.

Restaurant "Marco Polo" is glad to assist in fulfillment of child’s dream, let’s make it a happy day which remains in the memory forever.

We will be happy to arrange a thematic party with participation of artists and clowns according to your individual request.

Tour for little guests

To make the staying in the hotel comfortable and fascinating we offer our little guests the special Children’s Tours and amusements exciting for children of any age.

A visit to Smeshariki

Only in St.Petersburg - a birth-place of Smeshariki you have a chance to visit a real Smeshariki!

An educative tour and entertainment program will be arranged for your children in the "Magic house of Smechariki": new series shown on the wide screen, introduction into all stages of creation of favorite cartoons, meeting the animation artists, who create the new series, and the main thing, unforgettable adventures with Smechariki based on the cartoon stories!!!

Duration: 2 hours
Price of the tour for one child: 800 roubles (one accompanying adult  goes free of charge)
Price of transfer (one direction, 4 persons or less): 600 roubles

Tour to underwater world


The inhabitants of various parts of the World Ocean are waiting for you in the Oceanarium, located in the shopping- entertainment center Planet Neptune. You will see the shoals of small fishes of size less then a few centimeters, four-meter sharks, deepwater anglerfishes, sharp-toothed morays and cramp-fishes. Part of the exposition is arranged in such a way that visitors can touch the sea inhabitants with their own hands. Amazing performances with participation of sea predators and professional aqualungers are conducted in the main aquarium everyday.

Price of the tour for one person: 600 roubles
Price of transfer (one direction, 4 persons or less): 800 roubles
Work time: daily from10a.m till 10p.m.

Water park

Water Park "Waterville"

In water park "Waterville" everyone will find an entertainment to his taste. You will explore the multiple water amusements: Lazy River, Wild River, Water Curtain, as well as water and air geysers, fountains, hydro-massage pools. Special show-programs with participation of professional animators are performed during weekends and holidays for little guests.

Price for one person: 1 000 roubles
Price of transfer (one direction, 4 persons or less):
500 roubles

Water Universe

Museum "Water World of Saint-Petersburg"

The exposition "Water Universe" is located in the restored underground water storage reservoir constructed at the end of XIX century. Interactive installation is dedicated to the subject: water in the nature, urban environment and architecture of St.Petersburg.

Guests get into the real water kingdom, presented with the most advanced solutions. You will experience a virtual submersion into the water environment. Kaleidoscope of wonderful scenes and tragic catastrophes will display the water as amazing and beautiful part of universe as well as strong uncontrollable force. Water in the natural environment, its properties and its role in the life of Saint-Petersburg are presented by exhibits, video materials and modern multimedia facilities.

Price for one person: adult - 200 roubles, schoolchildren and students – 100 roubles
Price of transfer (one direction, 4 persons or less): 800 roubles
Open time: Monday, Tuesday – day off, Wednesday - Sunday from10a.m till 10p.m.

Tour to the North Pole

Museum of the World Ocean Icebreaker "Krasin"

"Krasin" – is the icebreaker symbolizing the epoch of the history of our country. This outstanding museum is popular among all citizens of St.Petersburg and guests of the city. Visit to this museum will allow you to touch the living history and feel the romance of polar researches. Icebreaker – is the hero of multiple literary and art works. There is a collection of graphics, arts and crafts items, library containing all the books applied within the entire period of scientific-research works of the ice-breaker.

Arts collection contains the works describing the polar romantic, opening of the Northern Sea Route. In the funds of icebreaker there are the original historical documents and photos dedicated to the history of this ship as well as the history of Russian icebreakers fleet. The most interesting cinematographic-materials are stored in the scientific archive of the museum, original charts and drawings of the icebreaker are stored in the technical archive.

Price for one person: adult - 100 rub, schoolchildren – 50 roubles
Price of transfer (one direction, 4 persons or less): 500 roubles
Open time: Monday, Tuesday – day off, Wednesday - Sunday from 11a.m till 5p.m.

Unusual museums

St.Petersburg Museum of Toys

We recommend you to visit the fabulous Museum of Toys. Inside of this building the adult visitors will experience a very special feeling of returning back to their childhood. And young visitors will reconsider their attitude to the toys.

17 kinds of crafts of Russia and about 30 kinds of crafts of other countries are presented in the fund of a folk toy. Apart from that the museum possesses a unique cheese toys from Transcarpathian region, Italian street theater dolls with exaggerated facial features, German toys made of lathed components, Dagestan animals- whistles decorated with exquisite ornament.

Address: embankment of River Karpovka
Working hours: from 11a.m till 6p.m.
Days off: Monday

Museum of Dolls

This is unusual museum of St.Petersburg. This museum returns everyone to childhood, to the world of fairy tales and dolls.

At the present time there are more than 5000 items in the permanent exposition halls and funds of the museum. One can find here the traditional, souvenir and author’s dolls, created by the best modern artists.

The museum of dolls is worth visiting especially during the school holidays. Within this period the Museum becomes a City of Children: the fascinating puppet shows, competitions, games and amusements are conducted here.

Address:. Kamskaya street, h.8
Working hours: from 9a.m to 6p.m.
Days off: no

Tour on a submarine

Memorial of submarine D-2 "Narodovolets" placed on the shore of a harbor of Vasilyevskiy Island is a historical monument to Russian shipbuilding and heroic deeds of submariners in the course of the Great Patriotic War. This tour will familiarize the visitors with the arrangement, technical facilities, armaments and living conditions of the crew of combat submarine of the Second World War period.

Address: Vasilyevskiy Island, Shkiperskiy canal, 10
Price of the tour: adult - 150 roubles, children, students - 50 roubles
Price of transfer: 500 roubles