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A remarkable palace and park ensemble of late XVIII - early XIX century, the summer residence of Emperor Paul I and his family.
One of the biggest landscape parks in Europe with an area of 600 hectares. It took 50 years to create the palace and park ensemble on the winding banks of the river Slavyanka.
Building up the Pavlovsk Palace collections is associated with the Pavlovsk owners voyages to Europe in 1781 – 1782. Visiting the working shops of famous craftsmen, they would buy or commission paintings, furniture, bronze ware, silk fabrics, china sets, numerous antique sculptures from Italy as well as receive presents from the royal courts of Europe.
The Museum exhibits a splendid collection of Russian portrait as well as the paintings and drawings of Pavlovsk. After years of restoration, the amazingly beautiful and harmonious private chambers of the empress Maria Feodorovna, decorated at the beginning of the XIX century by architects Quarenghi and Voronikhin re-open for the visitors.

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