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St.Petersburg in movies

Saint-Petersburg is truly a Mecca of the Russian cinema.
‘The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia’, ‘Autumn Marathon’, ‘Brother’… Can anyone imagine these movies without the Saint-Petersburg landscape? Moreover, have you ever heard that the apartment of Sherlock Holmes isn’t located at Baker Street, but at Kamennoostrovky prospect? Or that Stirlitz has a habit to meet his agents at the same venue where the members of the garage-building cooperative discuss their problems in the film by Eldar Ryazanov? During the tour, you will learn how Anatoly Sobchak nearly hindered agent 007 from saving the world and why did Sergei Eizenstein make the revolutionaries climb over the railing of the Winter Palace when the next door was open. The squares and embankments, cemeteries and railroad stations where the most famous films were shot – trust us, you will have a lot to tell your friends and relatives about while watching another classic movie.
The tour includes: Sphinxes in front of the Academy of Fine Arts – the Rectorial Outhouse – Vasilievsky Island – the building of ‘Lenfilm’ (10 Kamennostrovsky prospect) - the Cruiser Aurora – ‘The Flowers’ Exhibition Hall (51 Shpalernaya Street, 51) – 8 Kirochnaya - The Palace Square and the Pevchesky (Singing) bridge – Vitebsky railroad station – the Smolensk Cemetery – ‘Marco Polo’ Hotel. Possible option – Arts Square (monument to Ostap Bender).

Tour from 01.05.16 по 31.12.16

Duration, hours

From 1 to 2 people

From 3 to 5 people

St.Petersburg in movies

7 500 rub

8 500 rub


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