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St.Petersburg architecture

The architecture of Saint-Petersburg is complex and diverse. The austere Petrine Baroque and the extravagant luxury of the buildings of the Elizabethan era; the ascetic classicism of the times of Catherine II and the blossoming of the grand imperial style under the rule of her grandson Alexander; the rampant eclecticism and the gloomy, grotesque and chimeric modern… All these architectural styles come to Saint-Petersburg from Europe, but nevertheless, the northern capital does not remind any European city. Why? ‘The Architecture of Saint-Petersburg’ tour gives the answer to this question. 

Tour from 01.05.16 по 31.12.16

Duration, hours

From 1 to 2 people

From 3 to 5 people

St.Petersburg architecture

7 500 rub

8 500 rub


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