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Romanovs family building

The personality of the rulers leaves an indelible imprint on the image of the city, so Saint-Petersburg that had for centuries been the capital of the Russian Empire holds the memories of the Russian Tsars. But are those memories full and truthful? The symmetrical streets, the vast squares, gardens and parks make a grand monument to Peter the Great and his enormous ambition, but do they remember a different Peter I?
The austere classical buildings and granite embankments remind us of Catherine II, the wise and provident ruler; but what about another Catherine – passionate, daring, surrendering to love? Under the rule of Nikolai I the city turns into barracks, and the gloomy monotonous government buildings seem to be standing bolt-upright; but does this city remember another Nikolai – a caring father, a tender loving husband and an immensely tired governor?
The complex personalities of the Romanovs and their hard lot, inextricably connected with the history of the city are the subject of this tour.

Tour from 01.05.16 по 31.12.16

Duration, hours

From 1 to 2 people

From 3 to 5 people

Romanovs family building

7 500 rub

8 500 rub


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