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Criminal St.Petersburg

‘The capital of Russian crime’ was the name Saint-Petersburg was called in the turbulent 90’s. However, the history of confrontation of ‘Tambov’, ‘Chechen’ and ‘Malyshev’ gangs is only one of the subjects of this tour. In 4 hours period you can visit the main political prison of Imperial Russia – Trubetskoy bastion of Peter and Paul fortress, and discuss the realities of the modern prison past Europe’s largest prison – the famous Kresty (‘Crosses’). You will see the favorite place of gangland killings, ‘Shout or not’, and the most criminal place in the center of the modern city – the Apraksin market. You will trace the route of Saint-Petersburg’s most famous killer – Rodion Raskolnikov. Walking past the Hermitage, we will not talk about Leonardo da Vinci but about the theft that shocked the museum community in the 2000’s. Contract murders and the history of prostitution, modern neo-Nazi football fans and the dwellers of urban lowlife… If you are ready to discuss such subjects, this is your tour.
The tour includes: Peter and Paul fortress – the Monument to the victims of political repressions – the Palace Embankment – the Saint-Petersburg of Dostoevsky – Apraksin Yard – parking at ‘Yubileiny’ Sports Palace (or any other spot past ‘Petrovsky’ stadium) – Krestovsky island – the Smolensk cemetery.

Tour from 01.05.16 по 31.12.16

Duration, hours

From 1 to 2 people

From 3 to 5 people

Criminal St.Petersburg

7 500 rub

8 500 rub


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