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City tour includes the visit to Smolny Cathedral

The ensemble of Smolny Cathedral leaves a lasting impression, making the visitors admire its mystical ability to ‘diminish’ virtually as they approach it without losing its grandeur.
Famous architect Rastrelli commenced the construction of this architectural monument in 1748, but did not live to see it finished. His building plan included the 140 meters high bell tower that would domineer over the city and offer a spectacular panorama of the Neva River. Though this bell tower remained on paper, the one that was constructed is still the highest vista point of Saint-Petersburg offering the bird’s eye view of the city: the pale blue water of the Neva river, the cathedrals, the sky, whether shining azure or cast with clouds, depending on treacherous weather…
The cathedral impresses your imagination with the purity of proportions, the variety of shapes and the splendor of interior decoration: gold-plated fretwork, white columns, architraves and pilasters. Four churches in the same range of white and blue surround the cathedral forming a uniform cross-shaped ensemble.

Tour from 01.05.16 по 31.12.16

Duration, hours

From 1 to 2 people

From 3 to 5 people

City tour includes the visit to Smolny Cathedral

7 500 rub

8 500 rub


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